Over the years, we’ve crafted promotional films, corporate videos, and brand films across a myriad of industries. Quality and originality are non-negotiable for every project, serving as the cornerstone of our work.

Collaborating closely with you, our team ensures we pinpoint the most creative approach tailored to your needs.



We meticulously craft the script and the project’s universe to bring its artistic vision to life. This phase is critical to ensure the delivery of a film that aligns seamlessly with your expectations.
• Writing
• Storyboarding
• Budgeting


Actors, props, shooting locations… All these elements are synchronized in a project-adapted schedule to ensure its flawless execution.

• Casting & Location Scouting
• Scheduling
• Work Plan


All necessary legal steps and authorizations required for filming are negotiated and obtained by our team.

• Filming Permits
• Image Rights
• Insurance



For each project, we carefully select qualified individuals whose skills align with the expectations of the shoot.

• Technical crew
• Artistic crew


To achieve all the artistic objectives of the project, we test and select equipment tailored to the film.

• Cameras / Lenses
• Lighting
• Rigging


During the shoot, we bring the artistic ambitions to life within the allotted time frame. Simultaneously, we ensure the management and secure storage of the rushes.

• Directing
• Shooting
• Data Management



Chromalumen, our post-production department, is the very first studio equipped with SDR / HDR certified Dolby Vision in the south of France.

• Editing
• Color Grading
• Mastering SDR / HDR / Dolby Vision


Do The Film has a strong inclination towards digital imagery. That’s why we’ve developed scripts and special effects software allowing us to achieve remarkable results more quickly.

• 2D & 3D Animation
• Compositing / Motion Design
• FX Simulation


The world of a project is also shaped by sound. That’s why we place great importance on its artistic direction and richness. We create a unique sound identity specific to your film.

• Music Composition
• Sound Design
• Sound Mixing

vfx on set

Virtual Production (VP) is a journey into the future. It allows for the creation and visualization of real-time VFX on set, typically completed weeks after shooting. The main advantage is achieving the « final pixel » on set, meaning no VFX touch-ups are needed in post-production. With a flexible workflow, production schedules and costs are streamlined and controlled, while ensuring high-quality production.


Unlike the traditional workflow, photorealistic virtual sets are meticulously designed and tailored during pre-production. This allows access to the project’s scenography before filming begins, and then the sets are utilized during production.

• Digital Set Modeling
• Virtual Location Scouting
• Animation


Against a green screen or LED screen, immersion in virtual sets is achieved on the set, creating harmony between real images and VFX. This results in significant gains in creativity and time compared to the traditional VFX workflow, which typically occurs after shooting and involves higher costs.

• Real-time Previsualization
• Real-time Compositing
• VFX Optimization


Shots with final quality rendering on set are edited and color graded without retouching. Others are easily enhanced/replaced, as 60% to 80% of the work has been done upstream. VP post-production is thus faster and less costly.

• Render Farm Processing
• Compositing
• Online VFX Editing


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