You have great ideas, now it’s time to make them come true !

DO THE FILM was born in 2017 at the intersection of creativity, technology and culture.
The idea started with one simple goal: create top level artistic content and out of the box thinking, no matter the medium.
To achieve this goal, DO THE FILM is splitted in two main departments :

The production department is oriented on creating videos for Company, Brands and Artists. The VFX one focused on improve series, films, advert and music videos with stunning visual elements and animation.

Both department works hard to deliver the unexpected through creative freedom, a total transparency and a straight-talking attitude.

DO THE FILM | Production

Every video we make persuades audiences to respond in a specific way.
We’ve done this for many brands with hundreds of videos watched + 200 millions times… and yours should be the next one.

DO THE FILM PRODUCTION also produce it’s own original content with series, short and feature films

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DO THE FILM | Visual effects

Visual effects, aka VFX, is all about magic, at least from your side.
To us, it’s the art of resolving a technical, creative or cost issue to complete your shots, sequences or movie.

Do the film creates amazing images through technology. As lightweight and compact visual effects studio, we focus on efficiency and optimization. that’s how we run enough power to be your ideal partner to improve your films.

If you have a project that needs smart solutions to enrich it’s shots, well done, you are in the right place.

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